Responsibility is the crux of Bornholms Mosteri. Over half of our employees consist of vulnerable citizens and we have committed  ourselves to continually creating job opportunities for marginalized people on Bornholm. Today, the juice mill is operated with the help of Bodil, Mark, Michael, Anette, Jacob, Pia, Birgit, Lisbeth, Kim, Karina, Jessie and many more. They are our most important raw materials.

We Have Gotten a Taste for Social Responsibility
Bornholms Mosteri was originally started as a municipal occupational project in 2006, but was in June 2013 taken over by two companies from Bornholm – the Michelin-starred restaurant Kadeau and the fishery company Espersen. The acquisition took place to keep the current employees at the juice mill, to develop the company further and to create even more job opportunities for socially marginalized people. Due to psychical or mental disabilities many of our employees are unable to manage an ordinary full time job elsewhere.

As of June 2015 the group of owners was expanded by an additional two shareholders – the fishery company Ocean Prawns and ‘Den Sociale Kapitalfond’ (the Social Capital Fund) that since the privatisation in 2013 has acted as lender for Bornholms Mosteri and contributed with ongoing competencies and knowledge about our social responsibility.

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