Seen from the outside our juice mill probably looks like a fish factory more than anything else with its laid-back location on the harbour in Rønne. And that is in fact exactly what it used to be but as the herring disappeared it became the end of the fish factory and the beginning of Bornholms Mosteri. Inside we chop, cut, press, squash, bottle and pack our fruit juice and nectar day and night. We taste gooseberries with a hint of bitterness and work intensely to the smell of newly pressed apples. We gently work with the long stems of the rhubarb and taste the characteristic sweetness or sourness of the season. The ambition is to minimize sugar to create an authentic and unspoiled taste experience while artificial additives are completely out of the question…

Taste Is Always Key
The rhubarbs are grown on the island of Funen. We pick the berries and the flowers across the rest of Denmark and in our closest neighbouring countries. Our apple orchards on Bornholm are not certified organic, but we do not use pesticides and we have a dream of becoming self-sufficient with berries and apples from Bornholm.

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design Pia Bajlum fotografi Marie Louise Munkegaard